High-Efficiency Hydro-Air Heating Design Options for Your Home

If you want an efficient heating system for your home, hydro-air systems are a great choice. A lot of options are available for the design and features to provide you with high-efficiency heating. The system can have an efficient boiler and a zoned design. The following hydro-air heating installation options will give you a high-efficiency system: Choosing the Right Boiler for Your Heating The boiler is an area of your heating where you want to choose the right system. [Read More]

Three Questions To Ask Before Buying A New Home AC

If you are in the market for a home air conditioner, there are some questions you need to ask before you decide on the type of AC system. 1. Are You Limited By Ductwork? If this will be the first air conditioner that you are installing in the home, you must consider the ductwork. If your home has existing ductwork, perhaps for the furnace, it must be assessed to see if it is sufficient for use with the air conditioner. [Read More]

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Gas Furnace's Pilot Keeps Going Out

Lately, it may seem that every time you turn around, your furnace is not turning on because your pilot light keeps going out. Even if you repeatedly relight it, it does not take long for the flame to die down. If so, there are a couple of possible reasons why your gas furnace's pilot light keeps going out. 1.  Top of the Thermocouple Is Covered in Dirt and Soot One possible reason why your gas furnace's pilot light keeps going out is that the top of the thermocouple is being blocked by a layer of dirt and soot. [Read More]

Keep Your Office AC Working

If you don't have air conditioning in your office then your employees may have a problem working as efficiently on days when it is very hot. However, if this is the normal working conditions they are used to working under, then getting air conditioning put in would be a huge bonus they would appreciate. However, if your AC goes out and you don't pay for repairs, then you can see a whole other side to your employees that you won't like. [Read More]