Three Tips For Avoiding Problems With Your Home's Heating System

There are few appliances that are more important to your home during the winter months than your heating system. However, new homeowners are often poorly informed about how they can get the most out of these vital systems. If you only recently purchased your first home, you will want to follow these simple tips to make sure that you are getting the most out of this system. Have An Emergency Heat Source [Read More]

Frugal Heating 101: Saving Money On This Winter's Heating Bills

If your family's budget is already squeezed as tight as possible, then you are likely freaking out about your impending winter heating bills. While you will need to run your heater this winter to stay warm and keep your home's pipes from freezing, the good news is that there are many things you can do to lower your heater usage. To this end, follow these time-proven frugal tips to save on heating bills this winter: [Read More]

Tips For Designing Your New HVAC System To Prevent Mold Growth

You likely know that mold can grow on wet grout in bathroom and in any other areas that stay damp. What you may not know is that your HVAC system plays an important role in preventing mold from growing inside your home. If you are purchasing a new HVAC system, make sure you design it correctly and keep it maintained so you can prevent mold from growing inside your home to keep you and your family healthy. [Read More]

Possible Home Repairs For Your Air Conditioning Unit

If you have a home with an air conditioner, you likely want to make sure that it keeps running as well as possible in order to make sure that your home remains a comfortable temperature. You might not necessarily want to call a repair professional right away, however. Here is some troubleshooting you can do on your own before you call an air conditioning professional. 1. Check Your Circuit Breaker [Read More]