Don't Let Dry Air Get You Down This Winter

When winter arrives, dry air in the home can become a real issue. Humidity levels naturally drop in the winter since the cooler temperatures outdoors cause less water vapor to be suspended in the air. The constant operation of your forced air heating system can perpetuate the issue. Here's a look at common problems caused by dry air in the home, as well as a few solutions to explore. What problems can be caused by dry air in the home? [Read More]

Give Your AC The Attention It Deserves

Once autumn rolls in the time for relying on your air conditioner will have abated, which is good news for an appliance in need of a respite. With milder temperatures also comes the opportunity to address or prevent issues that may prevent you from using your AC next summer. While there are some minor fixes you can apply yourself, don't hesitate to call for help if you find yourself out of your depth. [Read More]

How To Repairt A Leaky Disk Faucet

If you have a ceramic disk faucet, you should be able to fix it yourself since it doesn't have many parts. A disk faucet operates on a cylinder base sitting on two ceramic or plastic disks connected to a single lever or handle. When you turn on the faucet, the disk on top rotates and aligns itself with the holes on the bottom disk. Here are some tips on fixing a leaky disk faucet. [Read More]

Three Reasons To Work With A Manufacturer's Representative For HVAC Products

There are a number of ways to purchase and receive products for HVAC work. You can purchase them directly from the manufacturer, you can purchase them retail, or you can have your clients choose them on their own. In order to get the best products for your business without taking too much time or trial and error, you should work with a manufacturers' representative. Here are three reasons to find a manufacturers rep to help figure out the HVAC products for your business. [Read More]