The 3 Best Heating Choices For A Small Home

If you are building a small home this summer, you want to make sure you install a heating system that will effectively keep your home warm without costing you too much in energy costs. When it comes to heating a small home, you are going to want to use an energy-efficient heating source.

Choice #1: Mini-Split Heat Pump

One of the best choices for a small home is a mini-split heat pump. With a mini-split heat pump, a duct system is not required, which is space savings in a small home. With a mini-split heat pump, an outdoor unit is a set-up, with an indoor unit, that is usually installed up high on the ceiling, above a window or door.

With a mini-split heat pump, the refrigerant in the outdoor portion of the unit collects heat from the air. The warmed-up refrigerant is circulated to the inside unit, where the heat is released via a coil, and a blower then directs that heat into your home.

With a mini-split heat pump, there is no air wasted coming out of ducts, and no ducts for you to take care of. The system is small and well-contained, which increases its energy-efficiency, and you don't have to take up valuable square space with vents.

Choice #2: Geothermal Heat Pump

Another great choice is a geothermal heat pump. A geothermal heat pump collects heat from the sun, and that heat is then stored in a water container or in the earth. The refrigerant in the heat pump is condensed when it is warm outside in a manner that will provide enough energy to heat your home when it is cold.

Geothermal heat pumps are really effective because it is designed to collect heat from the earth and does not require the use of fossil fuel or electricity to create the heat. These types of systems are really energy efficient.

Choice #3: Gas Furnace

Finally, you could install a gas furnace in your home. A gas furnace uses the combustion of gases, either propane or natural gas, in order to heat up the furnace and create the hot air that is circulated throughout your home.

A gas furnace can be an affordable heating option for a small home, as a gas furnace for a small home should not cost a lot to run.

When it comes to the best heating option for your small home, discuss the possibility of a mini-split heat pump, a geothermal heat pump, or a gas furnace with your heating team. You want a heating option that will keep your home warm without tasking your resources.

For more information regarding heating systems, contact a local expert.