Schedule Time To Complete This Central AC Task Soon

Central air and heating systems can run nonstop all year round. If you don't take time out of your busy schedule to check your system, you could encounter problems later. One of the components you should schedule time for is your return and supply air ducts. Dirty return and supply air ducts could create problems throughout your central HVAC system.  Here's one central air conditioning (AC) task you want to put on your schedule soon.

What's Happens When Your Ducts Become Dirty?

Most central air conditioning and heating systems use the same distribution equipment to cool and heat homes. Your air ducts are some of the largest and most critical components of your central AC's distribution system. You should have multiple return air ducts and supply air ducts strategically placed throughout your home's foundation. 

Your central air conditioning and heating system should be able to push air through each area of your air ducts without any major problems. However, years of dust and other items can block the passageways inside your air ducts over time. If the air entering your air ducts isn't evenly distributed through your home, it could cause a number of issues, including air pressure problems. 

Along with air pressure problems, dirty return and supply ducts can attract mice, bugs, and mold. Mice and bugs may use your ducts to access your kitchen and other rooms. Mold may grow inside the ducts if they become moist with condensation. If any of these situations occur inside your air ducts and home, it could affect your health and wallet. Stay clear of these issues by maintaining your return and supply air ducts today.

What Things May Happen Next?

You want to email or call a residential air conditioning and heating contractor as soon as you can. A contractor will generally check your return and supply air ducts for wear and tear before they attempt to clean them. An HVAC contractor may also check to see if the air pressure inside each duct is consistent and stable. If your ducts require maintenance or repairs, a contractor will complete them for you.

If the ducts in your return or supply distribution system are structurally and mechanically sound, a contractor will clean each duct for you. You may need to vacate or clear some of your rooms during the cleaning. A contractor will provide a list of things you may or may not need to do before they clean your air distribution system.

If you need to schedule maintenance, repairs, or another task for your central air and heating system, contact a residential air conditioning repair technician today.