Keeping Your Home's Furnace Working Efficiently

A furnace that is suffering from malfunctions can be unable to warm your home and it can even pose significant risks to the property and those inside it. Preventing these problems from occurring to your furnace will require you to understand the types of threats that can be the most likely to impact the furnace as well as the steps for addressing these concerns.

How Can the Filters Impair the Performance of the Furnace?

Your furnace will rely on filters to remove particles from the air that is entering the furnace. However, these filters can also negatively impact the performance of the furnace if they are not changed on a regular basis. This results from the decreased airflow that the filters will be able to provide. In addition to regularly changing the air filters, you will also need to ensure that you are using the correct types of filters. Otherwise, it may be too thick or thin, which can both impact the furnace.

Is Moisture Damage a Major Threat to Your Furnace?

Moisture is another source of potential problems for your furnace. This moisture will usually be in the form of condensation that collects on the exterior of the furnace, but it can also be from flooding and leaks. When the furnace's exterior starts to suffer, water corrosion will typically be one of the first problems to develop. If the corrosion is not repaired, it will eventually lead to holes forming in the furnace that could pose safety and performance risks for the unit. Additionally, moisture can impact the filters by creating conditions that support the formation of mold colonies that could spread spores throughout the home.

Are There Steps for Preparing the Furnace for Use?

When cold weather is approaching, it may be beneficial to take some steps to help prepare your furnace for use after it had been dormant for many months. At a minimum, homeowners should invest the time in thoroughly cleaning the unit so that any dust and dirt will be removed from it. Also, fresh filters should be installed and the unit should be thoroughly tested.

Those with oil- or gas-burning furnaces will want to service the burner. These steps will help the furnace to work efficiently while also potentially avoiding some damages that could require you to pay for a furnace repair service to address. Homes with furnaces that are ten years or older should be especially mindful as these units may be particularly susceptible to problems resulting from poor maintenance.