3 Ways To Prevent AC Burnout During Long Stretches Of Scorching Weather

The modern home air conditioning system is a really reliable piece of equipment. It can be literally 110 degrees outside and your home interior can remain a cool and comfortable temperature. Regardless of the fact that a modern AC is far more resilient than it has ever been before, long and scorching stretches of summer days can be taxing on the system. This is is the precise reason why so many homeowners have to call for repairs in the middle of summer. If a heatwave has enveloped your hometown and seems to be staying a while, there are a few ways you can prevent an AC meltdown in the midst of the scorcher. 

Go ahead and get a checkup from an AC maintenance service. 

If you typically do not call in an AC maintenance service until winter, it may be best to go ahead and schedule this service call sooner if you are running your AC full blast because of day after day of hot weather. It is always a better idea to catch problems before they become an actual repair issue. The AC tech will do a good assessment of the entire system to make sure: 

  • Coolant levels are where they should be
  • There are no leaks in the coolant lines
  • The condenser unit is properly cleaned 
  • Fan motors are running properly and aptly lubricated 

This one service call can help ensure your AC doesn't end up breaking down because it is overworked. It can save you having to contend with heat while the AC is down for repairs as well. 

Take every opportunity to give the AC a break. 

You have a storm move through and the temperature drops after dark to a much more comfortable place. These times probably will not roll around very often, so when they do, you should take full advantage and give the AC a welcome break. You could turn off the system for the night and turn it back on before sunrise the next morning before temperatures start rising again. Likewise, it never hurts to raise the thermostat temperature a few degrees while you are away from home. 

Keep your filter changed regularly. 

The more your AC is cycling air through the ducts and through the system, the more dirt and debris is going to collect in the filter. Therefore, if you normally only change the filter once a month during typical temperatures, make it a point to change the filter more frequently during long stretches of hot weather. 

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