Four Reasons To Upgrade To A Gas-Powered Heating System

Heating a house is a significant expense. Naturally, homeowners often look for ways to simplify the heating process and lessen its cost. If you share these concerns, an upgrade to a natural gas heating system is something you should consider. Gas-powered systems warm a home while providing many benefits sometimes missed with electric or oil-based heating systems. Learn about some of the benefits of a natural gas system.


Natural gas is a cheaper alternative when compared to an electric-based heating system. While there is a cost associated with the natural gas, its rate is often less expensive than the usage rate of electricity, which can help you save over the life of the unit. However, in terms of installation, a natural gas system can also save you money as there are a number of incentive programs you can take advantage of, such as tax credits and rebate programs offered through your furnace installation company. 


A natural gas heating system is excellent for protecting the environment because it can help reduce your home's carbon footprint. While gas is a fossil fuel, which prevents it from being 100% clean, the amount of emissions the system generates and the level of efficiency at which these systems operate lessen their impact on the environment. In terms of emissions, gas burns cleaner than other heating alternatives. In terms of efficiency, the average electric unit operates with about 30% efficiency, whereas a gas-powered unit can exceed 90% efficiency.


A natural gas system can help you reduce the amount of maintenance you have to perform on the system. Consider an oil-powered heating system again. With oil systems, you have to think about maintenance for both the actual heating system and the storage tank where the oil is housed. Since the tank also requires maintenance, you are, in essence, doubling your workload. With a gas-powered system, you only have to concern yourself with keeping the heating system in good condition. 


If you live in a colder climate, a natural gas unit may be able to keep your home more comfortable. With an electric unit, the heating process is a bit slower because when the system is activated, the heating panels don't necessarily turn on at full speed; they get warmer over time. However, with a gas unit, as soon as the system is activated, the burners begin to operate at maximum capacity. As a result, you can feel the warmth throughout your home faster. 

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading to a natural gas system, contact an HVAC professional.