3 Budget Improvements To Improve AC Efficiency Without Complete Replacement

Your AC is something that uses a lot of energy to keep your cool during the summer months. Upgrading your air conditioners is one option to consider to make your home more efficient but it is often costly. There are some budget-friendly solutions that you may want to consider to make your AC more efficient, such as updating ductwork, routine servicing and improving the area around the condensing unit. Here are some budget-friendly solutions for your AC:

1. Protecting the Condensing Unit to Improve Efficiency

The condensing unit of your AC is exposed to the elements, which can cause problems with efficiency. Part of your routine maintenance should be keeping the condensing unit clean. In addition to cleaning the unit, there are also improvements that can protect your unit from damage. Consider building an enclosure for the unit to help protect it from direct sunlight, as well as debris outside. The enclosure for your AC unit can be something as simple as a wood fence around the unit, or it can be a completely enclosed covering. If there is also a roof over the enclosure, make sure there is space for air circulation.

2. Better Filter Maintenance for Improved Airflow and Energy Efficiency

The maintenance of your air filters is also important to ensure your AC is running efficiently. This should include routine filter changes and inspecting for dust and dirt. To improve the energy-efficiency of your AC, use filters that have better airflow and change them more frequently. Doing this will help improve the energy efficiency of your AC and make the air in your home cleaner.

3. Repairs and Improvements to Ducts to Prevent Energy Loss

The ductwork of your AC is another area where you may want to consider affordable improvements for AC efficiency. When you do routine air conditioning repairs to damage of ductwork, consider improving the insulation of ducts and the areas where ductwork is installed. In addition, insulation improvements of the ducts, you may also want to look for areas with air leaks and seal them to prevent energy loss. Improving your ductwork is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

The are some budget-friendly improvements that will help you reduce your cooling costs this summer. If you need help with repairs or maintenance, contact an HVAC service to ensure you are ready to turn your AC on when the weather gets hotter.