How To Add Insulation To Your Ducts

Are you constantly looking for ways to reduce your utility bills? If so, you should target your HVAC system. There are many ways you can improve the functionality and energy efficiency of your HVAC appliances. One of the best ways is to add some insulation to your air ducts. This article explains how you can add cheap insulation too many of the exposed air ducts around your property to reduce heat loss from your furnace.

Finding and Insulating Exposed Ducts

There are going to be quite a few feet of exposed air ducts in your house, even if you don't have an attic or basement. If you do have an attic, crawlspace, or basement, they is going many more feet of ducting that you can add insulation to. Of course, the majority of your ducting system is within the drywall, so there is nothing you can really do about it without creating a major project. However, the exposed ducting, since it doesn't have the insulation provided by drywall is going to be the most vulnerable and need insulation.

This is particularly true when it comes to the ducting attached directly to your furnace or heat pump. These appliances are usually located in a basement or garage where the temperature is not strictly controlled. The ultimate result is that these rooms are colder than the rest of your home. So, the air pumping through them can be lost through the cold duct before it even reaches the duct system within your walls.

Using Fiberglass Insulation Rolls

It is very helpful if you wrap these sections of expose ducting with fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation is the easiest to apply if you buy continuous rolls. Basically, you just wrap this around your duct and then tape it down. Some people go a step further and tape every individual seem where the ducts pieces connect using aluminum duct tape. This tape is more air tight than traditional duct tape. This is a good idea because it prevents air from leaking out of your ducts. Since these sections of ducting are exposed, they are also more susceptible to getting knocked loose or dislodged, so adding some tape can reinforce them.

This is a very cheap, but effective way to eventually increase the efficiency of your furnace. All you need is the insulation and tape, and you can start the project right away to start saving money.