How To Clean Your Furnace Pump

If you want to make sure your heating and air conditioning are working well throughout the year, you need to do your part to constantly keep up certain components. Most heavy duty appliance repair needs to be done by professionals. However, some simple appliance service can even prevent certain appliances from malfunctioning. For instance, regularly changing your furnace filter is a great way to ensure that your furnace pump does not have problems. In turn, making sure your furnace pump is always clean is vital if you want to have good airflow and a productive furnace.

Changing the Filter

You need to regularly change your furnace filter to keep your pump protected. If the filter is not properly installed, your pump will get dirty more quickly. Dust and dirt that isn't filtered out becomes problematic when it gets sucked into the furnace pump. Changing the filter is simple but you need to make sure that you also clean out the compartment before putting the new filter in place. A hose vacuum usually works best because the compartment is narrow and hard to clean otherwise. Most furnace filters can be easily cleaned without even opening up the main cabinet.

Cleaning the Furnace Pump

You will need to access the furnace cabinet if you want to clean the pump. This is easy to do, but you need to shut it down first. When you open up the furnace, look for the gas control knob. Turn it to the off position and then cut the actual power to the unit. If your furnace doesn't have a power switch, hit the breaker. Once the gas and power are turned off, you can safely work on your furnace pump.

The pump should be easy to find because, even though it is not large, it should be in the middle of the furnace cabinet. Most furnace pumps are smaller than a shoebox. It should have tubes coming out of either end with vents. These small vents are important because they help to keep the motor cool. However, if they are clogged, the motor can overheat. The best way to clean the pump is to simply vacuum it off. Don't try and wipe them down with a wet rag because it can push dust deeper into the vents.

Since you have your furnace cabinet open and turned off, you should also vacuum out the entire thing. Finally, you can put your furnace back together and turn it back on. You will soon be enjoying a more efficient HVAC system.

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