Clever Things You Can Do To Improve The Sound Of A Noisy Commercial HVAC System

Is the HVAC system in your commercial building loud? If so, you likely find it annoying, especially if your business operations occur in an office environment. Your employees' performance might be impacted by the noise even if you have not realized it. Some customers may have also been offended if they have had to repeat themselves due to a noisy background. The following are a few things you can do to improve the sound quality in your commercial property if most of the noise is due to your HVAC system.

Install Sound Boots

These are add-ons that can be easily added to your commercial HVAC system. They work by decreasing the sound that comes from HVAC systems. They can also reduce noises such as voices that echo and travel through open spaces when people have to raise their voices to be heard. 

Ductwork Inspection

Sometimes ductwork design and installation can cause noisy HVAC operation to occur. This is often heard as clanking or banging noises. An inspection could reveal whether replacing your ductwork could reduce the noise. 

Sound Reduction Materials

Perhaps you have an office space that looks modern and fancy. It is likely inviting to eyes, but some of the materials used in your decor or building might encourage sounds to bounce off of them. This means that noises might seem louder than they actually are. Carpet, upholstered furniture, and plants can all help to improve the acoustics in your office space. Taking this approach will also offer you the chance to add more visual appeal. 

Add Insulation

It is possible that you have damaged insulation. Additional insulation could aid in absorbing some of the noises if you have spaces that need more insulation. This is particularly true if you had recent renovations in your commercial property. These poorly insulated areas might have cracks and crevices that are releasing the sounds from your HVAC system. Attic spaces are a common culprit. Consider an insulation option that offers sound proofing. Spray foam insulation is one option.

Upgrade System

The age of your system may also be the source of the commotion. Older systems need to be replaced at some point. It is also possible that your current HVAC system is too large for your commercial property. If this is the case you might have higher energy bills than you should. You may also notice that your HVAC system cycles off and on frequently when in use.