Know When It's Time To Inspect And Maintain Your Restaurant Refrigerator Gasket

Refrigerator gaskets don't last forever, but unfortunately, a failing gasket can cost your restaurant in added energy costs. These tips will help you save money on refrigeration costs.

Signs Your Refrigerator Gasket Isn't Sealing

When your restaurant's refrigerator gasket starts to fail, you may notice that your energy costs have risen, your refrigerator isn't staying as cool, and the compressor runs all the time in order to maintain the normal temperature. Since these signs can all be symptoms of other problems, you'll have to inspect your refrigerator's gasket to find out for sure if the gasket is issue.

Look over the gasket for cracks in the rubber. Press the gasket gently with your thumb. The rubber in the gasket should feel smooth, soft and rubbery—not brittle or textured with microscopic cracks.

If you can see cracks in the gasket, check the seal by performing this simple test:

  • Place a one dollar bill up against the door frame.
  • Close the door on the bill so that the bill is half in and half out of the refrigerator. The seal for the refrigerator should close tightly against the dollar bill.
  • Let go of the bill. If the bill falls to the ground or slides to the side, this is an indication that the gasket is no longer forming a good seal. If the bill stays in place, tug on it gently. If the bill comes out easily, this is another sign that the gasket on the refrigerator is no longer adequate.

Clean the Gasket if It Works Properly

If the gasket is sealing properly, check for small black spots against the rubber. These black spots may feel a little slick. This is mildew. Over time, mildew can cause the gasket on your refrigerator door to fail. You can take care of this problem by cleaning the gasket.

To clean the gasket, mix a solution of bleach and water. Dip a rag in the bleach water and rub down the gasket, concentrating on the areas with mildew. When the mildew's black color begins to fade and eventually washes away, your job is finished. Dump the bleach and water solution and dry the gasket with a fresh cotton rag.

Call for Repair if the Gasket Is Faulty

Call for commercial refrigeration services at a company like Pro-Staff Mechanical Inc if your gasket needs to be replaced. Your refrigerator repair person will replace the gasket and check the other parts of the refrigerator for necessary maintenance.