Air Conditioner Noises: Humming And Hissing

Air conditioner noises can be a sign of serious trouble or simply a sign that a certain part in your unit needs a little tweaking. Humming and hissing sounds are one of the most common sounds produced by air conditioning units. Here is what you should know about these unit-generated sounds.

Hissing air conditioner noise

If your air conditioner is producing a hissing sound, you should immediately switch it off. This is because hissing sounds are usually an indication of excessive buildup of pressure in the system. This is a complication that is potentially hazardous that shouldn't be ignored.

Normally, air conditioning units come with sensor that are meant to monitor the internal pressure of the system. However, these sensors sometimes fail. This can allow the pressure to build up to dangerous levels if the system is still running. Shutting the system down immediately when you notice the hissing sound, that may sometimes sound like a scream, will therefore prevent further buildup of pressure.

However, there are times when hissing isn't quite as dangerous. These not-so-dangerous hisses tend to be quieter and tend to be indicative of malfunctioning valves. In such cases, the hissing tends to die down as soon as the unit's motors stop running.

While these quiet hissing sounds are not a sign of a hazardous condition, the leaking valves can lead to a significant increase in your energy bills. This is because loose valves usually lead to inefficiencies in the air conditioning system meaning that your air conditioner will have to work harder, and for longer, in order to keep your home comfortable. This can also increase the rate at which your air conditioner wears out, thus reducing its lifespan.

Humming air conditioner noise

An Air conditioning unit usually produces a humming sound when there is a problem with one or more of its motors. Seizing of the motors, motor starting capacitor problems and voltage issues are all common causes of this noise.

When functioning normally, air conditioner motors usually make a humming sound. However, this humming is usually unchanging . Any humming that starts and then stops is therefore a symptom of motor problems. Replacing the faulty motor is usually enough to fix this problem.

When the oil level in an air conditioning unit is low, the unit can also produce a humming sound. Humming is therefore a common symptom of an oil leak. Checking your unit for any signs of oil spills can confirm this and if it is the case, you should have your unit checked by a professional. 

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