Three Ways To Keep Your Cpap Or Bipap Breathing Machine Running In A Power Outage

If you need a cpap or bipap breathing machine when you sleep to keep breathing normally, it's important to always use it. People with sleep apnea and other breathing disorders can potentially starve their brains of oxygen, causing permanent brain damage, and even raising their risk of heart attacks. So if your power goes out for a prolonged period of time, you have a serious problem on your hands. If your power is out for a few hours at night, you might be able to simply stay awake, but for long outages that span many hours or even days, that isn't practical.

Planning ahead for potential problems is a necessity, so here are three ways to make sure your cpap or bipap breathing machine can keep running during a power outage.

Back-Up Battery

The easiest way to make sure your machine will work is to purchase a breathing machine that has an external battery attached. These batteries are generally optional and cost more, but they're worth it.

The problem with these batteries is that you need to remember to regularly charge them. Additionally, batteries that are charged over and over will eventually get to the point where they don't hold a charge well, so replacing the battery every few years may be necessary.

Car Adapter

If you have a car, buying an adapter to supply power from your car to your breathing machine may be a good option. There are two kinds of adapters you can use in this situation: a cigarette lighter adapter, or a car battery adapter.

Adapters that fit in the cigarette lighter are much easier to use, and don't require any special knowledge of connecting leads like a car battery adapter does. However, the one disadvantage to this type of adapter is that it's necessary to open up your car to plug in the cable. That means you'll either have to leave your car door ajar or your window partially rolled down to have the cable plugged in.

Car battery adapters require a little more finesse and understanding of how batteries work, but the hood of the car can easily be closed over the cable without causing any problems.

Back-up Generator

Finally, purchasing and installing a back-up generator may be a good idea for you, especially if your area is prone to regular power outages due to storms or other problems. Back-up generators can not only power your breathing machine, but your entire home. If you have other health problems, mobility problems, or trouble seeing in the dark, it could be beneficial to you.

The best part of having a generator is that many of them are designed to kick in automatically in case of a power outage. If you're asleep when the power outage hits, you may not wake up when your machine turns off to use one of the above methods. With a generator, the power will automatically come back on, protecting the health of your brain and heart.

Having a power outage is sometimes unavoidable, but it's not an excuse to skip using your breathing machine while you sleep. These three options can potentially save your brain and your life in long power outages where sleeping is a necessity.

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